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The competition may be entered by any non-guild member, who is a citizen of any country in Southern Africa. 

The competition will be administered by the committee members of the Knifemakers’ Guild of Southern Africa.

You may submit more than one knife – but only one will qualify for a prize.

Entry fee R150 per knife entered.  Proof of payment into guild’s account to be included with your submission. No cash please. See Bank details on entry form.

The competition judges’ decision is final.

  • The prescribed knife is designed by John Arnold. A detailed drawing is attached. All aspects of the design must be followed as close as possible. AUTO CAD drawing available on the KGSA website. 
  • All work done on the knife must be done by you. i.e.  Engraving etc. This is what is called “Sole Authorship”.
  • Blade steel, handle and fitting material are the maker’s choice.
  • Blade may be flat or hollow ground. 
  • Provide details of what steel you used, and your heat treatment process.
  • The knife needs to have a logo or identifiable mark permanently on the knife.  A brief description of your logo to appear on your entry form.

All the knives entered will be displayed for the duration of the Guild’s annual show, 2021.  Show date 23rd October 2021. The top ten makers will be informed of their knives having been placed in the top ten, so they may attend the prize giving to be held on the Saturday 23rd October at 12 noon.

The submissions to be posted/couriered or delivered to:

  • Kevin Harvey: 68 Lizana Magagula Street (old Van Kraayenburg St), Belfast, Mpumalanga, 1100.  Phone:  074 892 9359
  • Albie Wantenaar.  62 Holzgen Street,  Brackenhurst, 1448.  Cell  082 809 2111 
  • John Arnold,  14 Phillip Street, Poortview  1724. Cell 0823892772
  • Erich Vosloo , 66 St Aubyn Road, New Redruth, Alberton 1449. Cell 0732321562


Delivery date by 25th of September 2021, which is 4 weeks prior to the guild show.  This gives the judges time to evaluate the knives. Please phone ahead of time to make an appointment to drop off or to give the tracking number. Please be respectful of the time you use up.  Imagine 100 entrants took up “only” 15 minutes of his time when “visiting”! 


Knives not collected by yourself or your proxy from the guild show, will be returned to you via post or courier at your own expense.

Knives will be kept, transported and exhibited with utmost care, but the organisers do not accept liability for damage or loss of knives during the process.



  • Note1:  The information below is shared in good faith, and represents the way I go about making a knife of this kind.  I cannot be held responsible for accidents in your workshop, or failure of this method to work for you.  Your safety and success depends on you alone.
  • Note2: There are as many ways to make a knife as there are types of knives.  Your method will be determined by materials being used, your equipment and skill level.  I hope you do find the information useful.  If you do have a smarter way of doing something, please share it.


This knife has been designed to equally suit both the stock removal and forging methods of knife making.

Choose a suitable blade steel for this knife and give it the best heat treatment possible for that specific steel. Give it an edge geometry (thickness and edge angle) suitable a knife of this size.  

 You may use any type of handle material.  It is entirely your own choice.

Using fancy/expensive materials may look good, but will not score you extra points.  Any added embellishment, unless it adds to the overall appeal of the knife, is best left undone, and if done, must be well done, by you.  The emphasis is on clean and precise workmanship.  Concentrate on fit, finish and feel.


Photos and sketches are included in the notes Making a folder is quite technical and it is not always possible to cover all aspects and fine details. You are free to contact John Arnold for guidance and assistance. Notes can be downloaded from guild’s website or obtained by contacting Kevin Harvey for a link to the Dropbox or pdf. file.  Email us at

Competition entry forms can be downloaded from the KGSA website.


Best of luck to you and thank you for entering this competition


The KGSA Chairman

Kevin Harvey

© 2021 KGSA