MEMBER PROFILE » Neill Schutte
  My interest in knives and other handmade tools started at a very young age. I made various crude knives, axes and spears from any available material in my close surroundings.

In 2004 I attended The Knifemakers' Guild of Southern Africa annual show where I bought contact wheels and diagrams to build a belt sanding machine. My first knives were sold to friends and family members and from these attempts onwards my goal was to continuously improve my skills and technique.

I relocated to Bloemfontein in 2008 where I am currently working at a Civil Engineering firm. At this time I met Eddie Scott who urged me to join the Bloemfontein Knife Maker’s Club. Eddie, together with Conrad Pienaar encouraged me to prepare and submit knives for my KGSA application and I was duly accepted as a member on 29 October 2010.

My main objective is to make high quality working and collectors’ knives. I prefer to work with Böhler N690 and ATS34 stainless steel and I like to use natural, as well as synthetic handle materials. I manufacture knives of my own design or custom designs to meet a client’s individual requirements. Sheath making and other related leather work is as important to me as the making of the knife itself, therefore many hours are spent on perfecting both the knife and sheath.

I am inspired by knife makers such as Rob Brown and RW Loveless and strive to make knives of equal quality.

Awards received up to date:
Bloemfontein Knife Makers’ Show 2010:
Certificate of Excellence for the best working fixed blade
Certificate of Excellence for the best fancy fixed blade knife

Bloemfontein Knife Makers’ Show 2011:
Certificate of Excellence for the best working fixed blade
Large Hunter
Bird & Trout knife
Outdoors Knife
Large Hunter
Drop Point Hunter
41/2" Boot Knife
Large Utility Hunter
Small Drop Point hunter
Kevin Harvey design - Dagger
Small Bird & Trout knife
Small Bird & Trout knife
Chute Knife
Large Dagger