First Name: Dave
Surname: SKINNER
KGSA Number:
Telephone: 083 651 3184
Web Site:
Instagram: daveskinnerknives
Does Courses: No
Course Info:
Profile: In 2011 I got hooked on forged knives and Damascus after attending an introductory course at Heavin Forge with Mastersmiths Kevin and Heather Harvey. Started forging later that year and finished my first blade late in 2011. In 2015 back at Heavin Forge I successfully completed my ABS "Introduction to Forging" course, and then spent the next year making my Guild submission knives, handing them in for evaluation at the Guild Show in August 2016. I was admitted into The Guild in September 2016.
Most of my knives are forged carbon steel, or my own Damascus.I like a blade with detail so most of my carbon blades have a hamon,or are a patterned Damascus steel.

Guild Submission Knives
1:5160 Cut and Bend test knife.

2:Twist Damascus dagger, with dyed and stabilized Maple.

3:Kevin Harvey inspired, Damascus bowie,with Amboyna Burl.

4:Laddered Damascus skinner, with stabilized Maple Burl.

5:1070 Carbon steel full tang
Blackwood Bowie
1070 Carbon steel bowie with polished clay hamon, hot blued Damascus guard and spacer with polished file worked s/s spacers and butt plate, handle is African Blackwood on Rhodesian Teak with Aluminium fibre liners.
Recurve fighter
W2 carbon steel with polished clay hamon,303s/s guard and spacers, with Mabondola handle.
Red Bushwillow Bowie
1070 Carbon steel box handled Bowie with polished clay hamon,hot blued guard, spacer and box, file worked s/s liners with Red Bushwillow and domed pins.
San Mai Bushking
Damascus Bubinga Bowie
Random Damascus Bowie with hot blued guard with brass spacers, African Bubinga with domed pins.
San Mai Baby Bushkings
Tinus Steenkamp San Mai miniature Bush Kings, hot blued guards and pommels, brass and red fibre liners with African Blackwood.
Damascus Bowies
Random Damascus miniature Bowies, hot blued guards, Damascus spacers, Amboyna Burl and African Blackwood with domed pins.
Damascus Bowies
Random Damascus miniature Bowies with hot blued guards Damascus spacers, Amboyna Burl and African Blackwood with domed pins
Quesenberry Style Dagger
Subhilt Southwest Bowie
Herron Style Boot Knife
Afzalia Xalay Recurve
Feathered Tambotie Clip Point Hunter
Chittum Burl Bird and Trout
Red Bushwillow Burl Southwest Bowie
Damascus San Mai Gentleman's Bowie