First Name: Rucus
Surname: COETZEE
KGSA Number:
Telephone: 0607626535
Web Site:
Facebook: Coetzee Custom Blades
Instagram: rucus.coetzee
Does Courses: Yes
Course Info: Bladesmithing Courses (Eastern Cape - Southern Cape region)

I offer a full comprehensive course at my workshop & studio on a farm in the Southern Cape, South Africa. An all inclusive Knifemaking course weekend in the countryside that includes your accommodation and catering 

Price R7900 (*2023)


Whatsapp/cell: 0607626535
Profile: My Name is Rucus Coetzee,

I was born in 1991, started making knives in 2010 under Master Smiths Kevin and Heather Harvey. I worked under them full time for 3 years, in that time gaining my guild membership.

I am full time into Knifemaking and I specialize in both the forged blade and the stainless blade. My work varies from a simple utility knife to a historical dagger. I make swords from time to to time and enjoy making Kitchen knives as well.

I like to use natural materials and I love to use bronze, brass and copper for fittings. I also make my own Damascus from time to time.